Apple + AT&T iPhone Ads

If this phone can do this, like this, this easy, I’ll sell my first born son to get one. And if you want to go to the actual, HQ version of this commercial just visit the Apple website.

Ha! Just kidding little guy, you’re worth WAY more than $600. Way more I would bet.

But I would be surprised if the iPhone lives up to this hype! I mean, jesus. Stop the movie you’re watching on a tiny little device only because you have nowhere else to watch it at the moment and you can call some seafood restaurant in San Fransisco to get it delivered?

You’ve either spent rent getting the phone, upgrading the memory, and downloading movies, and now you can’t have anything but delivery calamari, since your new address is “the alley behind the GAP on the Haight”, or the ad’s not telling the whole story.

The whole story would be: watching a movie on your iPod iPhone on BART and you see a clip in this movie — that’s so great you can’t wait till you get home and watch it on your non-hand-held entertainment devices — where the protagonist is thwarting thugs and earning 6 figures on this super cheap electric scooter that gets to ride in the HOV lane called the “Green Scoot Zoom”.

You pause your movie with a swipe of your index finger (or whatever) and discover that this amazing new carbon neutral carreer advancement device of transveyance can be delivered to your work before the end of the day.

Because why else would you be watching Pirates of the Caribbean on a handheld device and suddenly think, “Hey, delivery…”?