Synergy – Dual Monitor Desktop Solution for MacBook Pro


Synergy-enabled Multi-monitor Desktop Solution for MacBook Pro

Have you ever been sitting at your desk with your laptop open, working away on your dual-monitor desktop setup and thoughtlessly tried to move your mouse from your desktop monitor straight over to your laptop? What about copying a URL to the clipboard of your laptop then jumped over to your desktop to try to paste it into an email? It doesn’t work, right?

Well now it can. Synergy is an open source project that allows you to do just that. Install it on your windows desktop and your MacBook, take a few minutes to configure it, and voila! You’ve just created the perfect dual monitor, multi-operating system desktop work environment. 

You can now seamlessly move your mouse monitor to monitor to laptop and copy from one operating system and paste into another.

In my own setup, I’ve connected the keyboard and mouse via bluetooth and the left-side monitor to the Windows XP box sitting under my desk, and the center monitor to the MacBook Pro. Running Synergy on the Windows box in server mode and client mode on the MacBook, I now have a fully integrated multi-monitor desktop and laptop combo.